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GROW K212+R303 Fingerprint Access Control
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GROW K212+R303 Fingerprint Access Control

GROW K212+R303 Switch Power Supply K212 Fingerprint Control Board +R303 Capacitive Fingerprint Access Control
Power Supply
Stand-by Mode Current
Fingerprint Capacity
Product parameters
K212 Interface Usage
P1:Power supply,Input voltage: DC8--30V,Input current: 0.3A
P2:Relay output
P3:Active Signal of open door,Voltage DC12V(Input)
P4:Fingerprint module(Input)
P6:Button for opening door, closing signal(Input)
Adjustable resistance: Setting closing time for relay
Switch:  Setting operating time for relay;
             Position 1: Setting relay closing time from 2s to 9s, setted by adjustable resistance;
             Position 2:  0.5s for closing time of relay
K212 Technical Parameters
·Power supply: DC8--30V,
·Stand-by mode current:40mA
·Fingerprint capacity: 200
·Interface output of motor: ±DC5V,300mA
·Interface output of relay: 3A
K212 Operation Instruction
1. System on working state, indicator light(LED) flash slowly.
2. Press SET button, system in register state and indicator light flash fastly.
3. Fingerprint can be registered continuously when system in register state; if no need for adding fingerprint more, exit after waiting 5 seconds or by press SET button;
4. When back to factory default, press RESET button until hear“Di”, release the button, hearing “Di” long beep means operation successful;
5. Fingerprint verified or the button for opening door closed, the relay actuated and keep 0.5 seconds in closing state (when in position 2 for toggle switch)  or can be setted from 2s to 9s (when in position 1 for toggle switch, setting time by adjustable resistance);Motor interface output DC5V and keep 0.5 seconds; stop 5 seconds, then minus voltage outputted and keep 0.5 seconds.
R303 Specifications
·Interface:USB 2.0 and UART(3.3V-TTL logic)
·Resolution:508 DPI
·Work Current: <55mA
·Voltage: DC 4.2-6.0V
·Fingerprint capacity:1000
·Security Level: 1-5, default is 3
·Sensor Array: 208*288 pixel
·Fingerprint reader module size: 20.4 * 33.4 (mm)
·Effective collection area: 11 * 15 (mm)
·ScanningSpeed: < 0.2 second
·Verification Speed: < 0.3 second
·Matching Method: 1:1; 1:N
·FRR (False Rejection Ratio): ≤0.01%
·FAR (False Acceptance Ratio): ≤0.00001%
·Work environment: -20°C ---55°C
·Work Humidity: 20-80%
·Communications baud rate (UART): (9600 × N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12(default N = 6, ie 57600bps)
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