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R303 capacitive fingerprint module
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R303 capacitive fingerprint module

Effective Collection Area
Sensor Array
Fingerprint Capacity

Brand: GROW

The R303 fingerprint module uses a large-capacity acquisition chip made in Taiwan and integrates a fingerprint algorithm chip with fingerprint input, image processing, feature extraction, template generation, template storage, fingerprint comparison (1:1) or fingerprint search (1:N). ) and other functions; low operating current.

Technical parameters: 

Supply voltage: DC 4.2--6.0V

Supply current:

Working current: 40mA (typical)

Peak current: 55mA

Fingerprint image entry time: <0.1 seconds

Acquisition window area: 11*15 mm

Image pixel: 208*288 pixel

Image resolution: 508dpi

Matching method:

Comparison method (1:1)

Search method (1:N)

Template file: 512 bytes

Storage capacity: 1000 pieces 

Security level: five levels (low to high: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

Fake rate (FAR): <0.0001%

Rejection rate (FRR): <1.0%

Search time: <0.2 seconds (1:1000 hours, average)

Host computer interface: RS232 (TTL logic level), USB

Communication baud rate: (9600╳N)bps where N=1~12 (default value N=6, ie 57600bps)

Working environment:

Temperature: -20°C-+45°C

Relative humidity: 10% RH-85% RH (no condensation)

Storage environment:

Temperature: -40 ° C - + 55 ° C

Relative humidity: <85% H (no condensation)

Suitable for fingerprint locks, fingerprint safes, fingerprint access control, etc.


Acquisition chip size chart: (board size is 44.5*25mm)

成章科技< /p>

Board schematic:



1. The price does not include tax, please do not bargain for a small amount of purchase. More than 10 sets of prices are negotiable.

2. Packaging: Industrial packaging for parts

3. Because this product is a component, you need to have a certain professional foundation during development, and do not provide basic technical support; there are quality problems that can be exchanged and cannot be returned. For the application of this product on a large scale, technical support is provided directly by the manufacturer.  

4. Since the fingerprint module is a component, its interface has no protection circuit. Don't make mistakes when wiring and power supply. Otherwise, burning the main chip is not guaranteed. Pay special attention to student friends.

5. The surface of the acquisition chip is scratched, and the traces and wear are not guaranteed. Please do not scratch or hit the hard object when using it.

6. I don't know the technology, I can't provide thoughtful technical support. Student friends should be careful to buy, and buyers who have high requirements for service should bypass.

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