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GROW S903+R503 Fingerprint Motor Lock

Fingerprint Capacity
Password Number
Power Supply
4*AA battery
Stand-by Mode Current
7 uA
Product parameters
Technical Paremeters
·Fingerprint capacity: 200
·Power supply: 4*AA battery
·Stand-by mode current: 7 uA
·Fingerprint Management: SET Button or Remote Control
User Manual For S903
※ ①When used for the first time, pls long press the SET button to clear the system first; ②Setting by Remote control: touch the fingerprint module (wake up the module) before setting.
1.SET Button:
1.1  Register Fingerprint: Press SET button shortly,system in register state and blue indicator light flash fast, press finger for each fingerprint, fingerprint register successful when hearing music,fingerprint register failed when hearing “DiDiDi”; Fingerprint can be registered continuously,wait a few seconds to automatically exit the registration status
1.2  Back to factory default: Long press the SET button until hear “Di” long beep and music,means initialization operation successful.
2.Remote Control:
Default  password: 123456; Password length: 6 numbers
Password using: Press: *Password, the red indicator light on control board lighted means in programming stated. Press # to exit. Hear music means operation successful.(Note:Touch the fingerprint module (wake up the module) before setting.)
2.1Change password: Press: *Password*9*New Password*New Password#
2.2Empty and back to factory mode: Press: *Password*0*Password#
2.3Register Fingerprint: Press: *Password*1#  (Fingerprint stored in No.1 database)
Press: *Password*2#  (Fingerprint stored in No.2 database)
(No.1 database fingerprint capacity is 100 pieces, the residual capacity are store in No.2 database; For example: R501 fingerprint module capacity is 500 pieces, so No.1 database store 100 pieces, No.2 database store 400 pieces)
2.4Delete Fingerprint: Press: *Password*3#  (Delete No.1 database fingerprint)
Press: *Password*4#  (Delete No.2 database fingerprint)
2.5 Relay Mode Setting: Press: *Password*7#  (Normally open mode,the lock tongue is indented;repeat the operation again, return to normal open mode)
3.Low Voltage Warning
When the battery is low voltage, there will be a “DiDiDi” alarm sound every time you use it. The indicator on the main control board shows red (R503 LED shows red), you need to replace the battery in time to prevent it from working properly.(It can work for a while after low voltage warning)
4.Open Door Button Interface(Switch Signal)
The door can be opened by short-circuiting the open door button directly (Note: can't plug in any signals with voltage or current)
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