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Two-dimensional code module comprehensive analysis

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Hangzhou GROW Technology is a professional bar code scanner manufacturers, R & D, production, sales in one, with skilled, experienced image recognition technology development team, professional solution providers, with many well-known domestic enterprises, institutions, government departments have close cooperation, and with quality products and excellent service to win the market recognition and respect.

Now there are many test videos on youtube about QR code module, and this QR code module is the two-dimensional code module, from which we can see that the influence of two-dimensional code module is worldwide. Its role is too big, it is already a device that we can not lack in life and work.


The first thing I have to mention about the two-dimensional code module is its performance, it has efficient and accurate storage and reading ability, different from the traditional bar code, two-dimensional code module can store more data, and timely partial damage or slightly tilted can also be identified, this powerful physical correction ability makes it widely used in logistics and payment and other fields. At the same time, its reading speed is fast, and it can quickly complete the scanning and parsing of information with smart phones.

In terms of functions, two-dimensional code module plays a huge role in multiple aspects. For example, in commercial transactions, two-dimensional code payment reduces the use of cash and cards, and improves safer and faster means of payment. In marketing promotion, merchants can directly introduce customers to relevant advertisements and promotion pages through two-dimensional code. You can share your contact information and web links.

Also due to its powerful performance and huge role, its influence has also undergone great changes, and with the popularity of smart phones, two-dimensional code module has also penetrated into every Angle of people's lives, the most can reflect this is the display of health code during the epidemic, if there is no two-dimensional code can be said to be an inch, it can be said that, Qr codes have changed the way information is transmitted and greatly promoted the development of the information age.

With its unique ability, the two-dimensional code module plays an irreplaceable role in improving work efficiency or promoting technological innovation. And with the progress of science and technology, the future two-dimensional code module has a greater possibility to continue to affect our lives, in the development of micro spicy ID, two-dimensional code module will bring us more convenient and intelligent changes.