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  • GM78 QR code moduleInformation news

    GM78 QR code module

    Of course, GM78 QR code module has additional added value, that is, quality service ability, GROW has been providing customers with quality after-sales service and technical support. A professional team will accompany you throughout the product development process to ensure that your products can be successfully launched.


  • GM67 QR code moduleInformation news

    GM67 QR code module

    This GM67 two-dimensional code module is a two-dimensional code module released by GROW. Over the years, City Zhang Technology has been constantly innovating, and is committed to providing users with more efficient and convenient two-dimensional code solutions. It has been highly recognized by a wide range of users for many years.


  • The intelligent interconnection is opened by the QR code moduleInformation news

    The intelligent interconnection is opened by the QR code module

    All in all, the Bar code module brings real convenience to users by virtue of its efficient, safe and medical characteristics, and provides favorable support for the digital transformation of all walks of life. It is believed that in the near future, the two-dimensional code module will be widely used worldwide and contribute to the progress of mankind.


  • GM60: GROW QR code moduleInformation news

    GM60: GROW QR code module

    GM60 QR code module with its high performance, low power consumption, excellent compatibility, high security and good user experience, it has won market recognition, coupled with comprehensive technical support and high-quality after-sales service system. It has been widely used in various fields, and we can believe that GM60 QR code module will play an increasingly important role in smart city construction, smart life practice and other fields.


  • GM861 QR code moduleInformation news

    GM861 QR code module

    The emergence of GM861 two-dimensional code module has undoubtedly brought great convenience to our lives. We expect it to help us more in the future, and hope that it can be recognized by more people.


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