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New Product: R304 Cheap Capacitive Fingerprint Module

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New Product: R304 Cheap Capacitive Fingerprint Module
R304 fingerprint module adopts capacitive large-area acquisition chip, with high cost performance, integrated fingerprint algorithm chip, with fingerprint input, image processing, feature extraction, template generation, template storage, fingerprint comparison (1:1) or fingerprint search (1: N) and other functions.
The difference between R303 and R304:
R303 Fingerprint Chip:FPC1020
R304 Fingerprint Chip:Made-in-China
R303 Sensor Array:208*288 pixel
R304 Sensor Array:192*256 pixel
R303 Control board size:44.5*25mm
R304 Control board size:32*22.2mm
Mainly Specifications
·Interface:USB 2.0 and UART(3.3V-TTL logic)
·Resolution:508 DPI
·Work Current: <55mA
·Voltage: DC 4.2-6.0V
·Fingerprint capacity:1000
·Security Level: 1-5, default is 3
·Sensor Array: 192*256 pixel
·Fingerprint reader module size: 20.4 * 33.4 (mm)
·Effective collection area: 11 * 15 (mm)
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